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5 Simple Ways to Earn More Bitcoin

The popularity of bitcoin has been the talk of the town and more and more people are trying to earn more bitcoins to invest. But many people cannot afford to spend huge amounts to buy bitcoins. However, there are many ways to earn bitcoins without spending big amounts. In some of these cases, you can get bitcoins without paying a penny. Crypto trading is considered to be the best way to earn cryptocurrrencies. However, it is not an easy business. Using crypto robots such as the bitcode prime can make the process easier. Visit to find the features of this automated platform.

Below given are some of the best options you can earn bitcoins for your investment. There are different benefits for each of these options. You can choose the one that is perfect for your goal.

  • Crypto Interest Account

Crypto Interest Accounts act in the same way as bank accounts where you can deposit your money and get interest in it. Crypto Interest accounts are interesting models in the blockchain market. Some people find this method as a simple way to lend bitcoins. Thus you can earn interest over time when you lend your bitcoins to financial service providers.

Several companies offer crypto interest account services. You will have to send your bitcoin to your wallet on the website of your service provider. Thus you can earn interest for your bitcoins. You can get up to 6% interest per year for your bitcoins.

  • Get Cash-Back in Bitcoin for online shopping

Many sites offer cash-back to their online shopping. Some extensions also offer cash-back for shopping from numerous websites. These extensions collaborate with the major online sites and you can avail these cash-backs by creating an account on them. They will notify you of the discount offers from different websites and you can get the cashback in a quarter. Some sites and extensions will offer these cash-backs in the form of bitcoins. Thus this is a very good way to earn bitcoins through your purchases.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers, social media influencers, news sites, etc., can earn extra bitcoins through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers receive unique Promo Codes or URLs to distribute among their audience. You will get a reward when someone clicks them. The reward will be different for different companies. Different crypto service exchanges and bitcoin service exchanges offer bitcoins as rewards for affiliate marketing.

  • Get Paid in Bitcoin

Many people are accepting cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins, as the payment for the work to do. People who are freelancers and work from home can use this method to earn bitcoins easily. You can get bitcoins for your work whether you are a musician, an editor, an artist, or a social media manager. Bitfortip, r/Jobs4Bitcoin, Coinality, Angel’s List, Bitwage, CryptoJobs, CryptoGrind,, etc, are some of the popular platforms that offer cryptocurrency freelance.

  • Mining or Trading

Trading is one of the easiest ways to earn bitcoins. Traders can use different strategies to improve their cryptocurrency holdings. The latest trending strategy is making use of automated bots like crypto superstar that completely automates the trade for the users. Executing the crypto superstar test helps you know about the efficacy of the software. Leverage holding is one of the popular trading methods used by several traders. To strengthen their trading process, traders will choose to borrow some investment and they are known as crypto-backed loans.